Do I really need a website?

customersThe way people interact and find care services is changing. There is always going to be a need to develop good personal relationship with service users in order for them to remain in service, but attracting new customers is essential. Having a website says a lot about your care home, and it can heavily impact how you are viewed by persons looking for a home. Having a website allows you to compete with much larger rivals. CareHomeWebsites offers more than just a website, and the pricing is different too. Having a website is not the end goal. It needs to have real world practical value to the care home. Unless it is seen by your customers in order to impact their decision about purchasing a service then the site only serves to make a business owner feel better about themselves. So it would be important for example to;


  • Ensure that the website is listed and properly edited in googlemaps and yellow pages and most importantly in the multiple online databases that exist to catalouge care homes.
  • Enusure the website is optimised for search engines.
  • Ensure that suitable email is set up, is used properly and that forwarders and signature blocks are used.
  • Ensure that customers are aware of the website, as an uptodate online brochure, by using business cards, letterheads and marketing material that is synced in style with the website.
  • Enure that the site has up to date photographs which portray the business how you would like it to be seen by your customers. Having photos can break down the 'fear of acheter sildenafil mylan mg cena the unknown', that regularly makes customers 'go with what they know'.

CareHomeWebsites provides an ongoing service, which is designed to help with these issues.

Ok, but how much does the service cost?

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